Other Services from Helios Investigations

Vehicle / Asset tracking

We use the GPS tracking solutions to assist with the location of vehicles, persons or assets. This capability enables us to track anywhere in the world in real-time. Our trackers can be deployed covertly and can remain deployed for extensive periods of time without the requirement for regular maintenance, or battery charging. The technology we use is the latest in the market and is considered cutting edge.

Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing

Helios can offer physical penetration testing designed to highlight weaknesses and vulnerability within your physical security controls and the policies and procedures that surround them. Using covert techniques, we will demonstrate unauthorised infiltration to areas of your companies building or estate and identify vulnerabilities that could expose your organisation to a loss of sensitive information.

Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Penetration test.

We understand that security is now a key concern for all businesses in order to be compliant with the Data Protection Act. To minimise the risk we can deploy our trained TIGER scheme qualified testers to conduct penetration testing in the form of a vulnerability assessment to check that your company’s computer network/infrastructure has not been compromised.

Proof of Cohabitation

Proof of cohabitation can be used for a number of reasons. Evidence can be used in post- divorce maintenance payment cases, or child custody cases. This service is often used by local authorities for fraudulent benefit claims or landlords who suspect someone of living at an address without a tenancy agreement.

Electronic Bug Sweeping (TSCM)

We can offer a technical and physical security inspection of homes, building, offices, boardrooms, hotel rooms or even yachts to ensure that eavesdropping devices are not compromising such areas. Using the latest Technical Surveillance Countermeasures technology we offer you peace of mind that you are not being watched or listened to without your knowledge.


Covert Camera Installation.

We are able to support clients with the deployment of covert cameras, covert CCTV systems and covert audio devices. These covert options can be highly effective for clients in cases such as breach of contract, theft, fraud, Infidelity, abuse, injunctions , ASBO problems and fly-tipping.

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